5V Voltage Supply, High Speed CAN Bus Transceiver - SCM34xxASA Posted on September 20, 2019
Mornsun new SCM34xxASA series contains three high reliable CAN Bus transceivers: SCM3421ASA(slope control mode), SCM3422ASA(ultra low standby current mode), SCM3423ASA(low-current transmission disable silent mode).

CAN Bus features strong real-time performance, long transmission distance, strong anti-interference ability and data guarantee arrival. The Bus withstand voltage of SCM34xxASA series is up to -40V~40V(SCM3421ASA is -36V~36V), and it has high electromagnetic immunity, ultra low electromagnetic emissions, and bus pins protected against transients and overheat protection.

Widely used in applications of IoT, industrial electronics, automotive electronics.

Typical block diagrams:


  Over 8KV HBM (IEC6100-4-2 standard)
  Bus withstand voltage: -40V~40V(SCM3421ASA: -36V~36V)
  High electromagnetic immunity,low electromagnetic emissions
●  SCM3421ASA(slope control mode), SCM3422ASA(ultra low standby current mode), or SCM3423ASA(low-current transmission disable silent mode)
●  Bus pins protected against transients, overheat protection
●  5V single power supply, transmission speeds up to 1Mbps, strong load capacity, allowing up to 110 load nodes
●  Passed the high and low temperature(-40°C to +125°C ) aging test, and meets the application requirement of industrial control and automotive 
●  Meets the requirements of ISO 11898